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Case study: Implementing Microsegmentation in Clinical Healthcare

Hospitals at High Risk of Cyber Attacks Due to Variety of Connected Devices and Sensitive Data

Hospitals are often on the frontlines of cybersecurity due to the variety of connected devices, sensitive patient data, and mission-critical services they have. Medical devices like MRI and CT scanners often use legacy operating systems, making them difficult to protect with traditional IT-based security controls. This makes hospitals a high-profile target for bad actors and cyber attacks.

Bupa’s Cromwell Hospital Aims to Improve Security Posture without Disrupting Operations

Unmanaged devices, or those without a software agent or additional IT control capabilities, present a unique threat to healthcare security. These devices use old operating systems and can't be patched or managed with traditional network security systems, making them a preferred attack vector for ransomware and other directed attacks.

Bupa's Cromwell Hospital in London is a state-of-the-art facility that specialized in complex procedures and advanced care. The hospital needed a way to quickly identify unmanaged devices on its network and deploy policy without undergoing a large hardware refresh.

Elisity’s Solution Implemented Across Cromwell Hospital Network in Just Two Days

To address these challenges, Cromwell Hospital turned to Elisity and its Cognitive Trust Platform™. The team at Cromwell Hospital worked with Elisity to review their existing systems and understand the challenges in managing their infrastructure. After a successful proof of concept, the Cognitive Trust Platform™ was implemented across the entirety of the Cromwell network in just two days.

Elisity’s Identity-based Microsegmentation Solution Proves to Be an Effective Strategy for Enhancing Cybersecurity at Cromwell Hospital

The implementation of the Cognitive Trust Platform™ at Cromwell Hospital resulted in significant benefits. The platform delivered frictionless, centrally managed, and software-defined zero trust access security to effectively and efficiently protect clinical devices and patient information from lateral movement of ransomware payloads, advanced persistent threats, and other malicious attacks. The hospital was also able to improve its security posture and protect sensitive patient data without disrupting operations.

Bupa Group CISO Paul Haywood said, "We delivered outcomes on a project basis within a couple of weeks. In my 30 years of working in technology and security, I’ve never delivered a product into an environment and got instant benefit like we did with Elisity’s tool set." The quick and successful implementation of the Cognitive Trust Platform™ demonstrates the effectiveness of microsegmentation in improving cybersecurity in large enterprises like Cromwell Hospital.

The Benefits of Microsegmentation

Are you interested in learning more about why microsegmentation is a top priority for organizations like Bupa? Our latest blog post, What is microsegmentation and how does it work?, covers the key concepts and technologies involved in microsegmentation, as well as the benefits it offers in today's complex and evolving threat landscape. From improved security and reduced attack surface to better compliance, microsegmentation can offer a range of benefits for modern organizations. If you're looking to learn more about why Bupa and other companies are prioritizing microsegmentation in their security strategies, be sure to check out our blog post.

Expert Support for Implementing Microsegmentation in Your Organization

Discover the benefits of microsegmentation for your organization with a complimentary consultation from our team of experts. We will assess your security needs and provide recommendations on the best approach for implementing microsegmentation in your organization. Whether you are just starting to explore the possibilities of microsegmentation or want to fine-tune your current strategy, our team is here to help.

In addition to requesting a consultation, you can also visit our resource center for more information about microsegmentation. Our product videos offer a deep dive into the features and capabilities of our microsegmentation solutions and can help you understand how microsegmentation can enhance your security posture. Request a consultation with one of our experts today and take the first steps towards a more secure and compliant organization with the help of microsegmentation.

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