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Elisity Named Among Notable Vendors in the Forrester Microsegmentation Landscape, Q2 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Elisity has been named a notable vendor in Forrester’s recent report, “The Microsegmentation Solutions Landscape, Q2 2024.” This recognition validates our commitment to revolutionizing network security through our AI-powered, identity-based microsegmentation platform.

What is Microsegmentation and Why Does it Matter?

Microsegmentation is an approach to network security that involves dividing a network into smaller, isolated segments and enforcing granular access controls between them. This helps organizations limit the potential impact of cyberthreats, prevent lateral movement of attackers, and maintain a more secure and compliant environment.

As organizations grapple with an ever-evolving threat landscape and the increasing complexity of their networks, traditional security approaches often fall short. Microsegmentation emerges as a powerful tool to gain granular visibility and control over network traffic, enforce least-privilege access, and mitigate the risk of lateral threat movement.

Elisity’s Innovative Approach to Microsegmentation

At Elisity, we have developed an innovative approach to microsegmentation that leverages AI and machine learning to continuously discover, classify, and monitor assets across IT, OT, IoT, and IoMT environments. Our IdentityGraph™ technology creates a rich context for enforcing dynamic, identity-based policies that adapt to the changing nature of digital ecosystems. This empowers organizations to adopt a Zero Trust security model, ensuring that every access request is verified and authenticated, regardless of its origin.

“Being recognized as a notable vendor in Forrester’s Microsegmentation Solutions Landscape report is a significant milestone for Elisity,” said James Winebrenner, CEO of Elisity. “This validation underscores the value our AI-powered, identity-based approach brings to organizations seeking to secure their complex, hybrid environments and achieve their Zero Trust objectives.”

Addressing Key Use Cases Across Industries

Forrester’s report underscores the importance of several key use cases for microsegmentation, including:

  1. Applying Zero Trust principles to secure critical resources
  2. Defending against ransomware and other advanced threats
  3. Providing comprehensive visibility into network traffic flows
  4. Securing private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid environments
  5. Safeguarding healthcare, OT, and IoT ecosystems

Elisity’s platform aligns closely with these use cases, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by organizations across various industries.

Healthcare and Critical Infrastructure Success Story

One of our customers, a leading healthcare provider, leveraged Elisity’s platform to secure their complex environment, which included a mix of IT, IoT, and medical devices. By implementing identity-based microsegmentation, they were able to isolate sensitive assets, enforce granular access controls, and maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations. The result was a significant reduction in their attack surface and a more resilient security posture.

Simplifying Compliance and Strengthening Cybersecurity

Elisity’s platform simplifies the adoption of industry frameworks such as NIST SP 800-207, PCI 4.0, HHS 405(d) HICP, and IEC 62443, empowering customers to strengthen their cybersecurity posture while streamlining compliance efforts.

Take the Next Step in Redefining Your Network Security

To learn more about how Elisity’s AI-powered, identity-based microsegmentation platform can help your organization achieve unparalleled visibility, control, and security, visit our website or request a demo today. Our team of experts is ready to help you navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex and dynamic threat landscape and redefine the future of your network security.

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