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Elisity Releases Version 15.4 of their Identity-Based Microsegmentation Solution

Our latest software release marks a significant step forward, shaped by a blend of emerging technological trends, future-looking product management, and insightful customer feedback. At the core of our development is a keen focus on meeting the evolving needs of our users, ensuring our solutions are both advanced and responsive to real-world challenges. This approach has been instrumental in refining our products, making them more effective and user-centric. The release of version 15.4 is a testament to this methodology, embodying enhancements and features that directly address user feedback while integrating the latest in security technology advancements.

Here at Elisity, we pride ourselves on being actively involved in this journey of continuous development. That is why we are excited to introduce our latest update, the Elisity Cloud Control Center (CCC) 15.4. With this release, we continue our commitment to providing networking professionals with the most current, secure, and efficient solutions.

Our dedicated team at Elisity has worked extensively on this new version, refining its features, and improving its capabilities. Our goal has always been to simplify networking operations while reinforcing security and transparency for our users.

Today, we are pleased to present you with CCC 15.4. Join us as we walk you through its new features, UI enhancements, and improvements to IdentityGraph. We believe that these upgrades will significantly enhance network visibility and provide a more streamlined and secure experience to all our users.

We appreciate your continued support in our journey to improve our solutions. Now, let's delve into the specifics of the Elisity Cloud Control Center version 15.4!

Analytics (Beta): Sharpening Your Network Insights


Continuing our journey through the latest features of the Elisity Cloud Control Center 15.4, we now delve into our 'Analytics' feature, currently in Beta. The crux of efficient network management lies in robust visibility into network interactions, something we aim to optimize with this new introduction.

The new Analytics feature offers two key new perspectives on network traffic. The first is a graphical representation of the traffic flow and relationships using a Sankey chart view. This visual representation unravels the traffic interactions occurring among Policy Groups and network assets, revealing a holistic snapshot of your network's ecosystem. With the focus on enhancing comprehensibility, this new view helps quickly spot unexpected traffic patterns, helping you adjust your network strategy as required.

Complementing the Sankey chart is the flow table view. This structured list format provides a detailed breakdown of the traffic within your network, enabling in-depth analysis.

Furthermore, the Sankey functionality extends to individual devices. By simply navigating to the device details page, users can access specific traffic flow information, reinforcing granular visibility at the device level.

Remember, this powerful analytics feature is in its Beta phase and we are continuously refining its capabilities based on your feedback. What you see now is only a glimpse of its potential. We are exhilarated by the developments under progress and are confident that more detailed visibility and insights are on their way!

Control Plane Connection Update

Security and efficiency have always been at the forefront of our improvement strategy at Elisity. In line with this, we announce one of the key enhancements in Cloud Control Center 15.4 - the migration of the control plane to standardized DTLS connnections. This migration has enabled the establishment of a robust Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) 1.3 connection, guaranteeing mutual certificate exchange.

A Continued Commitment to Excellence

As we wrap up this exploration of Elisity’s Cloud Control Center 15.4, we hope these enhancements demonstrate our dedication to providing you with a tool that does more than secure networks. We want the Elisity Cloud Control Center to be a secure, efficient solution that truly understands and meets your needs.

As part of our community, your insights shape the software we create. These meaningful upgrades are not only a reflection of our commitment to security and efficiency but also of the valuable feedback we continue to receive from our users.

The Elisity Cloud Control Center 15.4 is more than just an update. It represents another stride towards a future where network management is secured, simplified, and intelligent. As always, we're excited for what the future holds and couldn't be happier to have you as part of this journey.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, evolve, and set new benchmarks in the world of network security.

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