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Gartner Insights: How Elisity is Shaping the Future of Microsegmentation and Universal ZTNA

Network security is a battlefield, and in this complex fight, Elisity emerges as a name you can rely on. Making waves in the industry, Elisity’s inclusion in Gartner’s research reports on Microsegmentation and Universal ZTNA is no small feat. These recognitions and five-star reviews in Gartner’s Microsegmentation Peer Insights category underline Elisity’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll delve into what makes Elisity a standout choice in cybersecurity and why it might be the solution you’ve been seeking.


Elisity in Gartner’s Lens: Microsegmentation and Universal ZTNA

Microsegmentation and Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) stand out as transformative concepts in network security. But how do they apply to your organization, and what makes Elisity a key player in these areas?

Microsegmentation: Building Security Barriers

Think of Microsegmentation as creating isolated compartments within your network, each protected against intruders. It’s like having multiple secure rooms rather than one large vulnerable space. What makes Elisity unique is our focus on identity, and what we call call identity-based microsegmentation (more on this later). This approach has put Elisity on Gartner’s radar, with solutions designed to provide intricate network defense, one segment at a time.

Universal ZTNA: A New Age of Verification

Universal ZTNA goes beyond conventional methods, verifying every user and device rather than merely checking IP addresses. It’s a nuanced shift that represents the future of secure access. Elisity’s position in Gartner’s Universal ZTNA category reflects its commitment to this forward-thinking approach, offering solutions that resonate with modern security needs.

Understanding Identity-based Microsegmentation: Elisity’s Approach

In an evolving digital environment, Identity-based Microsegmentation offers a novel way to secure networks, focusing on the identity of users and devices. How does Elisity leverage this concept?

A New Era of Network Security

Instead of using physical locations or IP addresses to segment networks, Identity-based Microsegmentation acts like a personalized, secure pass for each user and device. Elisity takes this innovative security measure and crafts solutions that resonate with modern businesses.

Elisity’s Innovative Approach

Elisity’s strategies include:

  1. Seeing Clearly with IdentityGraph™: Transforming switches into vigilant sensors, Elisity’s IdentityGraph™ offers an unparalleled view of network activities.
  2. Smartly Classifying Assets: Elisity turns potential disorder into well-organized systems, setting the foundation for effective policy enforcement.
  3. Simulating Policies Without Risk: Test, refine, and implement policies confidently with Elisity’s Simulation Mode.
  4. Deployment Without Hassles: With Elisity, rapid deployment, and smooth implementation have become the new normal.
  5. Steady Security Expansion: Elisity’s methodical rollout strategy ensures a controlled, secure network expansion.

Elisity’s unique approach to Identity-based Microsegmentation transcends traditional methods, offering a blend of innovation and practicality that makes it an ideal solution for contemporary network security needs.

Universal ZTNA: The Evolution and Elisity’s Role

Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is more than a buzzword; it’s a fundamental shift transcending traditional network security boundaries. But what makes it ‘universal,’ and where does Elisity fit in?

From Zero Trust to Universal Application

Zero Trust began as a guarded approach where no one, inside or outside, was trusted without verification. Universal ZTNA took this concept further, applying verification to every network interaction, like a vigilant security system monitoring every corner.

Elisity’s Pivotal Role in Universal ZTNA

Elisity has engineered solutions that align seamlessly with the principles of Universal ZTNA:

  • Unmatched Visibility with IdentityGraph™: By scrutinizing every network interaction, Elisity embodies the Universal ZTNA’s ethos of ‘verify everything.’
  • Seamless Integration: Quick deployment without the usual network complexities paves the way for a smooth transition to Zero Trust.
  • Asset Intelligence: Elisity’s intelligent classification aligns assets with Universal ZTNA’s need for comprehensive verification.
  • Adaptive Security Growth: With its controlled policy deployment, Elisity echoes the evolving, adaptable nature of Universal ZTNA.

Elisity’s approach to Universal ZTNA is not merely an adaptation but a harmonious fusion that reflects the evolution of network security, making it an accessible, effective solution for modern businesses.

Elisity’s Key Capabilities and Benefits: Transforming Security

In the complex world of network security, Elisity is not just adapting to change; it’s leading the transformation. Here’s how:

Seeing the Unseen: IdentityGraph™

Elisity’s IdentityGraph™ turns network switches into vigilant monitors, offering a comprehensive view of every interaction within your digital space. It’s not just visibility; it’s understanding.

Beyond Classification: Intelligent Asset Design

Through Learning Mode, Elisity shapes policies that reflect your organization’s unique requirements. It’s about crafting strategies that resonate with your business, not just enforcing rules.

Test Drive Your Policies: Risk-Free Simulation

With Elisity’s Simulation Mode, previewing and refining network strategies is a breeze. It’s like a sandbox for your policies, allowing experimentation without real-world consequences.

Seamless Transition: Fast, Zero Disruption Deployment

Deploy Elisity swiftly, bypassing traditional complexities. It’s about speed and smooth integration, enabling a shift in security paradigms without a hiccup.

Growing with You: Controlled Security Expansion

Elisity’s approach to deployment aligns with your growth, allowing policies to adapt and evolve with your business. It’s about creating a security posture as dynamic and resilient as your ambitions.

Elisity’s capabilities and benefits are more than a set of features; they’re a symphony of innovation, insight, and adaptability, transforming the security landscape, bringing a fresh perspective to what’s possible in network protection.

Voices from the Community: Gartner Peer Insights Reviews

Voices from those who have been there, done that, and thrived – that’s what Gartner Peer Insights Reviews bring to the table. These testimonials from Elisity’s community are not merely endorsements; they are reflections of success:

  1. The New Age of Simplicity: "Ease of implementation - installation done in hours..." This echoes the sentiment of smooth deployment, epitomizing Elisity’s promise of fast, non-disruptive implementation.
  2. A Culture of Innovation: "Groundbreaking segmentation technology..." Here, we see a celebration of Elisity’s innovative spirit, a testament to its commitment to engagement and continuous improvement.
  3. Transformation Realized: “Elisity’s solution is a game-changer...” Steve Garske’s words underscore Elisity’s transformative power, reflecting its success in intelligent asset classification, visibility, and rapid policy enforcement.

These voices tell a story of a solution that doesn’t merely solve problems but elevates businesses. They illuminate Elisity’s approach to security, weaving a narrative of innovation, collaboration, and transformation that resonates across the industry. It’s not just about what Elisity does; it’s about what it enables its customers to achieve.

Why Choose Elisity?
A Strategic Partner

Regarding network security, choosing Elisity is not merely selecting a provider; it’s embracing a strategic partner. Here’s how Elisity stands apart as a faithful ally in your success:

  1. Personalized Path: Elisity’s IdentityGraph™ offers more than visibility; it crafts a unique journey tailored to your organization. It’s not about one-size-fits-all; it’s about finding what fits you.
  2. Innovation, Together: With Elisity, you’re not a bystander in innovation but a participant. From technology to product evolution, your voice shapes what’s next.
  3. Deployment, Redefined: Fast, non-disruptive deployment with Elisity is more than a feature; a promise of efficiency and excellence permeates every facet of the partnership.
  4. Dynamic Security Strategy: Elisity transforms static security into a vibrant, evolving strategy. It’s not about reacting to threats but proactively adapting, growing, and thriving together.
  5. A Community of Shared Success: The praise in Gartner Peer Insights reflects a community where success is not individual but collective. With Elisity, you join a journey of transformation, celebrated as one.

In Elisity, you find more than a vendor; you discover a partner who understands your vision, aligns with your goals, and is invested in your triumph. It’s a collaboration that goes beyond contracts, where strategy and synergy guide the way, turning aspirations into achievements.

Take the Next Step: Join Elisity on the Path to Network Security Excellence

The journey to transformative network security is within reach. With Elisity, you gain more than advanced technology; you join a partnership defined by collaboration, innovation, and shared success. Isn’t it time you took the next step? Discover a personalized security strategy aligned with your vision. Engage with our experts and explore a world of possibilities. Contact Elisity now and schedule a personalized consultation. Your path to network security excellence starts here. Join us, and let’s build the future together.

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