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Elisity News

Elisity Announces Strategic Board Addition Galina Antova and Celebrates 2023 CSO50 Award for Cybersecurity Innovation at GSK

San Jose, CA — September 4, 2023 — Elisity, an innovator in cybersecurity microsegmentation, amplifies its rapid growth with two key milestones: the strategic appointment of industry stalwart Galina Antova to its board and the recent CSO50 award for a ground-breaking project with GSK.

As pioneers in the microsegmentation landscape, Elisity has charted 3X growth since 2022, forging enduring partnerships with industry leaders such as GSK, Shaw Industries, and Pfizer. These achievements set the stage for adding Galina Antova to the board. “Galina’s addition is a strategic move that will enrich our growth journey and reinforce our standing as a cybersecurity innovator,” commented James, Elisity’s CEO.

Galina brings an illustrious 18-year career in cybersecurity, having served leadership roles at IBM, Siemens, and raised $635M in venture funding for the startup she co-founded, Claroty, growing it into the global leader in a new market category. Known for her tactical wisdom, she has been a go-to advisor for Fortune 500 companies with their digital transformation initiatives.

Mike Elmore, CISO at GSK, underscored the importance of this recognition, stating, “The CSO50 award is a testament to Elisity and GSK’s revolutionary impact in advancing cybersecurity methodologies. With Elisity, I sleep better at night. I now have unparalleled visibility and control over networked devices, capabilities I never had before.” Learn more about the GSK-Elisity partnership in Securing Pharma: A CISO Perspective with Mike Elmore at GSK.

About Elisity

Elisity revolutionizes network security, implementing dynamic, context-aware policies that adapt to modern cyber threats, offering a fresh take on safeguarding network resources.

About Galina Antova

Galina Antova boasts 18 years in cybersecurity, having scaled the ranks at IBM, where she was an elite member of a cross-continental SWAT team. At Siemens, she led groundbreaking digital transformation projects as Global Head of Industrial Security Services. As a co-founder of Claroty, she helped secure $635 million in funding and played an instrumental role in shaping the company's product portfolio and market strategy. Her blend of technical skill and strategic acumen makes her a go-to advisor for Fortune 500 boards. She has been named “Top 100 Women in Cybersecurity.”

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