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Transforming Risk Management with Elisity: The Paradigm Shift that Cybersecurity Professionals Have Been Waiting For


The Challenge: Navigating the Maze of Risk Management

Risk is something that everyone at an organization can understand, regardless of their position.  The risks associated with cybersecurity have become so intertwined with business operations that they can no longer be ignored or treated as an IT issue alone. Cybersecurity professionals, particularly Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), often find themselves navigating a complex web of compliance regulations, business requirements, and risk management protocols. The burden becomes heavier when they need to reconcile this intricate landscape with solutions that don't adequately meet organizational needs.

Traditionally, the introduction of a cybersecurity solution often comes with a package of negative implications—questions about its efficacy, fears about its complexity, and concerns about its ease of integration. Firewalls, VLANs, VRFs, NAC, ACLs, and a dozen other acronyms come to mind. These factors contribute to delays and uncertainties, making it arduous to gain approval from the myriad of stakeholders within the organization. Consequently, decisions are often made out of sheer necessity, settling for what appears to be the "least bad" option, with hopes that the chosen solution will somehow manage to protect the organization adequately.

The Paradigm Shift: A POC with Elisity

When cybersecurity professionals, especially those in leadership roles, engage in a Proof of Concept (POC) with Elisity, the experience is nothing short of transformative. Elisity provides an approach that is congruent with the multi-faceted needs of modern organizations, allowing for a simplified and more focused evaluation process. The hurdles that traditionally hinder decision-making are significantly reduced, if not entirely eliminated. A Proof of Concept typically last 1-2 days with on-site support depending on the size and scope of the initial sites. POC's require minimal prep work, no network redesign, zero network downtime, and typically require no additional hardware. The Elisity Solution reduces friction at every possible step in your microsegmentation journey. Our deployment process is simple and well- documented, greatly reducing the need for technical expertise or solution-specific knowledge. 

All of the benefits realized in a POC translate directly to full-scale production deployments. Our customers are truly amazed at the difference in time to value compared to other products they have evaluated, with every single customer making more progress in their microsegmentation project in just a couple of days than they had made in months or years trying other approaches. 

The Power of Simplified Microsegmentation

Elisity's core offering revolves around simplifying the complex task of microsegmentation—a key ingredient in the cybersecurity mix. With its innovative asset profiling and dynamic Policy Groups, Elisity enables real-time adaptability and granular policy enforcement. These capabilities significantly cut down the manual hours and complexity that usually accompany such a crucial aspect of network management.

Customers are given the ability to aggregate identity data that they have maintained in various tools, such as a CMDB, spreadsheet, or industry-specific asset identity tools like Claroty or Medigate using API connectivity. As we discover devices on the network, we actively import data from any sources you have integrated, and dynamically enrich data to accurately classify assets on your network. This eliminates the need to manually maintain asset inventories, and gives organizations a single source of truth for what is on their network, and how these assets are communicating.

How Elisity Streamlines Operational Goals: Beyond Traditional Measures

In an age where every second counts, especially in the realm of cybersecurity, Elisity's platform transcends traditional limitations, providing a new model for operational efficiency and effectiveness. While many solutions in the cybersecurity market offer fragmented capabilities requiring extensive manual oversight, Elisity’s intelligent automation redefines what it means to achieve operational goals.

Imagine overseeing a sprawling network with diverse assets, from IoT devices in manufacturing to mobile devices used by a remote workforce. Ordinarily, achieving security and operational compliance across such a heterogeneous environment would be a logistical nightmare. This process would usually involve manually categorizing assets, defining their access permissions, and continually updating these settings to adapt to organizational changes and emerging security threats. All this manual labor drains time and resources, not to mention it’s fraught with the potential for human error, which could lead to vulnerabilities.

Elisity revolutionizes this status quo by automating a bulk of these cumbersome tasks. From the moment an asset joins the network, be it a user, a device, or an application, Elisity takes over the responsibility of profiling and classifying it. This information then feeds into pre-defined policy groups, which determine what levels of access are permitted for each asset. Because the platform adapts in real-time to changes in the network environment, it offers not only optimal security but also the agility to adjust to evolving business objectives.

The impact of this on operational goals cannot be overstated. Tasks that would typically necessitate lengthy cross-departmental meetings and piles of paperwork can now be executed with a few clicks. Moreover, the constant manual monitoring that was previously required to maintain and update security policies can be allocated to other essential tasks, such as strategic planning or threat analysis.

By reducing the operational complexity, Elisity also mitigates the risk of errors and security loopholes, thereby enhancing the organization's overall risk posture. This streamlined approach not only brings immediate relief to overburdened IT departments but also contributes to a more strategic, proactive stance towards cybersecurity and compliance.

Unmatched Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency in cybersecurity doesn't just mean doing things faster; it also means doing them smarter. By streamlining what are traditionally complex, manual tasks, Elisity frees up crucial personnel to focus on other vital areas, thereby amplifying the organization's agility and responsiveness.

Let's consider a practical example to illustrate this point. Imagine a large organization with multiple global locations, each with its unique compliance requirements and security challenges. Traditionally, implementing network policies tailored to each of these locations would involve extensive manual labor. Teams would have to painstakingly go through asset inventories, scrutinize policy requirements, and then individually configure policies for each asset in every location. It's a process that could take weeks if not months, involving coordination between various departments, from IT to legal to operations.

By employing Elisity, this organization could dramatically simplify this complex scenario. With the features that come shipped with Elisity, tailored groupings of security protocols can be created in advance and automatically applied to sites based on their specific needs. If an urgent security update is needed, or if there's a sudden change in compliance requirements, the central team can swiftly make the necessary adjustments to the relevant policies, and the updates would be applied to the relevant sites. No need to commit your changes and go to lunch. No need to get into the CLI. No need to bounce around multiple solutions. No need to get your network engineers involved with implementation. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces the chance of human error, offering an impeccable level of precision that's generally unattainable with manual methods.

This efficiency cascades into various other benefits—less overtime for already stretched staff, faster response to emerging security threats, and a quicker path to compliance with new or updated regulations. Moreover, because Elisity offers this operational efficiency straight out of the box, the often long and painstaking process of achieving 'return on investment' is expedited. In other words, you're not just saving costs, you're also achieving value at an accelerated rate.

Conclusion: The Future is Here with Elisity

In a realm often marred by compromise and complexity, Elisity offers a genuine shift in how we approach cybersecurity and risk management. For cybersecurity professionals who have long been navigating the maze of traditional solutions, Elisity doesn't just offer another route—it offers a whole new landscape. This not only simplifies the approval process but also aligns closely with organizational goals, ensuring that you're not settling for the "least bad" option but opting for a solution that genuinely enriches your security posture.

Don't settle for less when it comes to safeguarding your organization's most critical assets. Experience the Elisity paradigm shift for yourself.

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